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Why You Should Encourage Your Children to Exercise

Nowadays, it’s easy for children to become more comfortable with being idle. The presence of internet and mobile gadgets have definitely taken out the appeal of the great outdoors for most kids. Seeing children playing on the street, on bikes, or simply outside is becoming very rare and we really can’t blame them. With a few taps on the screen, they can be anywhere they want to be without even leaving their homes. Whatever’s outside, they can find on Google or YouTube or even Roblox.

The problem with this is that the only muscle they’ll be moving when they’re on their phones or computers are their fingers. A lot of children are going to grow up with bad posture and an intense dislike for physical movement because of how sedentary the 21st-century lifestyle has become. This poses great risks for the child’s overall well-being, especially in the physical aspects of their health. If only there were more people who would invest in a kids fitness business instead of mobile applications, perhaps it’d be easier to pry kids away from technology.

If you’re a concerned parent, sibling, or relative, and you want to know why physical activity is so important for kids, then read on to know more.

Exercise Strengthens Muscles

It’s important for children to get enough physical activity in their routines because this helps them build and strengthen muscles. The heart, which is one of the body’s most important muscle organs, needs to be challenged regularly in order to improve its performance. Training the heart, even at a young age, can help ward off any diseases that may impair your child’s development in the long run.

Exercise Controls Your Child’s Weight

Children are constantly growing and developing. Therefore, they need all the energy they can get. Proper nutrition is also a very important aspect of a child’s life because of how much it can impact their overall health. If a child is addicted to their mobile gadget and is also addicted to snacking on sweet or oily food, then they may become overweight. Although there’s nothing cuter than a chubby child, this may have grave consequences on their health.

Encouraging a child to engage in physical activity will help shed off the extra weight that may impede with their development. Exercise also helps children stay healthy.

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Exercise Helps Strengthen Bones

As your child grows, their bones also grow with them. Aside from providing enough calcium to keep your child’s bones strong, giving them a chance to be physically active will help their bones grow stronger in the long run.

Exercise Improves Your Child’s Energy Levels

When we spend our time scrolling mindlessly on the phone all day, this can make us sluggish and listless. This is the same for children, but the impact is much bigger. Having the right amount of exercise boosts a child’s energy levels which makes them perform better in all aspects of their lives from school to making friends.

Exercise Improves Your Child’s Mental Health

It’s not uncommon for exercise to be known as one of the things that can help improve the state of our mental health. If a child is too exposed to the internet, chances are they’ll be more prone to developing mental health issues in the future. Exercise combats this because physical movement is known to produce the happy hormones in adults and children.

It’s time to make your child put down their gadgets and join them outside to get a little bit of exercise. Even if it’s not a lot of physical activity, if done consistently, it will have huge benefits for your child’s health.

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