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What Young Kids Need to Know About Playing Rugby

Kids nowadays basically grew up with gadgets and other forms of technology. Back then, kids would go outside and play with other kids their age — literally get dirty and all. Although there are still kids who love playing outdoors, there have been alternative sources of entertainment which made kids stay indoors instead. However, it is not too late to introduce today’s kids of the joys of outdoor play.

One way to teach kids to appreciate playing outdoors is by enrolling them in a rugby munchkins class. Anyone can enjoy playing rugby, regardless of age. In order to play rugby, one should know the major rugby skills. Teaching young children these core rugby skills can be challenging yet fun at the same time.

Major rugby skills you need to know

There are five major rugby skills rugby enthusiasts need to learn. These include the following.

1. Passing technique

Playing rugby mostly involves passing the ball to another teammate. That is why all players should be able to learn different types of passes, such as spin, clearing, pop, and orthodox passes. At the same time, players should learn to pass the ball in different directions depending on the game situation.

2. Running

You will be running a lot when playing rugby. That is why you should condition your legs to run with changing paces, acceleration, and in all directions. Players should also practice their balance while running so they can play the sport effectively.

3. Tackling

Rugby is a contact sport, meaning you will expect getting bumped and bruised most due to the nature of the game. Proper training is important to master the art of tackling and other techniques to play the game well.

4. Good decision-making

All players should be able to make quick thinking and good decisions while in the game. This is one of the most important aspects of playing rugby – who and when you are going to pass the ball to a teammate. It is a high-pressure game, so it is best to learn how to make decisions and ensure a win for your team.

5. Teamwork

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Rugby is a team sport, which means you are not playing for yourself but for your team. Each player should understand their role in their team and work together to win the game. Players should also stay focused, especially when one of the members is holding the ball, so they will know where and when the ball will be passed.

6. Teaching kids the game of rugby

First of all, it is important to be gentler when teaching kids as compared to teaching adults. Here are some tips on teaching young children the sport.

Use simpler words when teaching kids. Make technical terms simpler and easier to understand. Ask questions and let them answer to make sure they understand what they are being taught.

Demonstrate some lessons, so the kids will understand better what you are talking about.

Make practice games fun and enjoyable. At the same time, teach them the lesson of sportsmanship and responsibility in handling themselves while in the game.

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