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Make a Backyard Soccer Field in Five Easy Steps

Do your kids love soccer? Soccer is slowly becoming all the rage now in the US. Soccer is nearly as popular as baseball, with seven percent of Americans said it’s their favorite sports to watch. No wonder soccer is getting more popular among kids.

If you have big enough space in your backyard, we got a do-it-yourself project for you. Make your kids their own soccer field in your backyard DIY-style. Here are some steps you can take to make a backyard soccer field for your kids.

Step #1: Assess your backyard

Determine the size of your backyard. Do you have enough space to put up a DIY soccer field? The smallest recommended size for young players is 15 yards wide and 20 yards long. But if your backyard doesn’t meet the required size, you can still set up a practice field instead.

Step #2: Design space

Once you know the size of your backyard, it’s time to design the space. Depending on the space you have, divide it proportionally and place four flags in opposite corners. Include a penalty box and other features of a proper soccer field.

Step #3: Set up the goals

dog blocking the soccer ballYou can’t play soccer without goals, so better buy this soccer gear online to make your field more professional-looking. Depending on the size of your field, you can have one or two goals set in your backyard. There are also several options to choose from, but the recommended goal size for kids is six feet tall and 18 feet wide. It is advisable to use regulation-size goals if you’re practicing for league play. But if your kids are just playing casually, or if you have a small backyard, you can opt for smaller goals.

Step #4: Fence the perimeter

This step is not required, but it helps if you don’t want soccer balls hitting your house. Protect the perimeter with fences, especially if you live in a residential area where your ball could end up flying in your neighbor’s backyard. Building fences that are high enough can prevent accidents from happening, and your kids can play freely without worries.

Step #5: Prepare the surface

Sure, your kids can play on just about any piece of land, but you have to choose a surface other than a patch of well-maintained grass. You have two options for your backyard soccer field: natural and artificial grass. For this DIY project, we highly recommend choosing artificial grass for several reasons.

Fake grasses require low maintenance. You don’t have to water, mow, weed, and fertilize them. Synthetic turfs are also mud-free, so you won’t have to worry about the mess inside the house after a game. Furthermore, artificial grass also provides a level and even surface. Consider artificial grass for your backyard soccer field.

Building your own DIY backyard soccer field is easy. With the steps above, you can turn your backyard into a soccer field that your kids will surely love. Now, make use of that free space and make something amazing from your backyard.

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