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We All Need A Bit Of Spontaneity In Our Lives

Everybody wants to have fun, and we’re more than willing to bet our life savings that no one in this world would ever wish for less joy and happiness in their life because it’s only natural to crave a bit of excitement and that feel-good rush now and then. And even though we’ve spent the better half of the year still cooped up inside with no other outlet but our surroundings and the online world for entertainment, many people have still found ways to face every day with a smile.

However, there’s no denying that not everyone shares the same luxury of knowing how to get back into the groove and easing themselves into a good time; some people’s stress has them down so bad that the only fun that comes to mind is a good night’s sleep. As a result, far too many people have forgotten how to be spontaneous and the mantra of going with the flow and trying new things for the sake of stepping out of their comfort bubbles.

Happiness Is An Inside Job, And Spontaneity Is The Secret Agent!

Sure, plenty would argue that spontaneity might not be the best of values to bring out in the middle of a global pandemic; however, while fun may seem like a fleeting experience, it’s just as crucial at caring for our mental well-being. The fun does equate to happiness, and it’s when we entertain all these shenanigans, we truly regain that giddy feeling warming us from the inside.

  • Zaps Away Stress In An Instant: Firstly, when you’re overwhelmed at work, introducing a bit of spontaneity into your regular schedule of events helps zap away all the stress that’s bringing you down. And even though it might sound a bit cliche and akin to a 90s film line, doing something you wouldn’t usually try does help take away some of the weight off your shoulders. So, don’t be afraid to run deviant once in a while if it means getting to stretch your body and smile.
  • Introduces New And Creative Adventures: In addition to the stress relief factor, introducing a bit of spontaneity into your daily schedule also means meeting new and creative adventures along the way. For example, one quick trip to the music store might end up with a bag full of goodies, a guitar you’ve never learned to play, and a gig by the end of the week for your co-workers! And while those goals do certainly sound quite nerve-wracking, it keeps you on your toes for all the right reasons.
  • Resorts Much-Need Balance To Your Life: Lastly, there’s just no reason to be bummed out on your weekends and just wasting your time away doing nothing when you can be doing something else. Of course, we don’t mean to impede on your much-needed relaxation time, but we can all agree that Netflix and chill don’t have a set deadline. So, why not spend your Saturdays going out there and finding a new hobby instead?

Monotony Is The Enemy, So Entertain Your Experiments!

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Now that we’ve convinced you of the importance of spontaneity in life, next up, we have to learn just how one revamps their way of thinking into something more exciting. And the fundamental principle is to avoid monotony at all costs and feel free to entertain the craziest and outlandish experiments that come to mind.

  • Dabble In The Crazy, But Don’t Go Overboard: While people often associate crazy activities with weird personas, it’s often the most peculiar people that have the most fun. So, whether it’s pimping a golf cart to be street legal or making a backyard mural with zero experience, don’t shy away from the crazy good parts. Just remember not to go overboard to the point that you’re annoying other people and you’re pretty much set to go.
  • Don’t Keep To Yourself And Invite Friends: Secondly, even though riding solo is very much possible for spontaneous adventures, inviting a few friends to the party is an excellent way to elevate the experience and embrace that spontaneity further. There’s just magic to it when someone’s more than willing to back you up on all your shenanigans. Plus, it will certainly make for a banger story when you meet up with all your buddies next time.
  • Even Small Steps Count In The Long Run: Last but not least, if you’re not the type willing to go all-out during the first bout, don’t feel any pressure to do so because even small steps count. What matters most is that you’re introducing spontaneity into your life bit by bit, and over the next few months, all those efforts will accumulate until you’re ready for the big showdowns.

Don’t Let The Boring Overpower Your Lifestyle.

Overall, there’s just so much more to life than just letting the boring take control, so find the time to be spontaneous, be it through a new hobby or maybe even training like DK Metcalf. And, sure enough, you’ll be a lot happier when you give it a chance.

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