Stop Hunkering Down Inside And Embrace The Great Outdoors

We enjoy staying inside just as much as the next guy; there’s not one person in this world who wouldn’t enjoy an entire weekend to themselves, unbothered by responsibilities, a beer in one hand, and a TV remote on the other. However, this has been our predicament for over a year now, and overindulging in our homebody person has its due consequences and goes from self-care to destructive habit. Sure, it might’ve been good for the first couple of weeks, but self-isolation is never sustainable and inherently bad for you.

And so, we want to remind everyone to stop hunkering down inside their homes, brighten up their spirits, and take the opportunity to go outside every once in a while because we’ve long since passed the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, to get you a headstart and not feel lost with the ordeal of embracing the great outdoors again, we have decided to chalk up a beautiful list of fun ideas and outdoor icebreaker activities for you to get the ball rolling ASAP.

Indoors Is Fine, But A Lot of Fun Is Waiting Outside

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, this list isn’t to say that staying inside and having fun indoors is impossible; in fact, you could do pretty well just by yourself and with a bit of imagination. However, we firmly believe that far too many people have forgotten the beauty of the outside world and what it’s really like to have some fun when you’re out and about with your closest friends.

#1 Challenge The Mountains And Wilderness


Firstly, one of the best activities to start off your outdoors reintegration program would be challenging the mountains and wilderness with a couple of your buddies. From a 4-hour trek uphill to testing your endurance on a hike, there’s a myriad of things you can do outside on a bright sunny day. Plus, if you want more of an adrenaline rush and an even bigger challenge, there are countless rock-climbing routes across the world that don’t require an expensive budget to afford. And the best part about going into the mountains and great forests is that you wouldn’t have to worry about Covid-19 because you’re pretty secluded. Just remember to follow your guide and stick to marked paths to ensure you’re safe and sound.

#2 Leave Land And Set Sail For A Journey

Secondly, if you’re not much of a mountaineering person, then why not find out if you’re one with the sea by leaving the land and setting sail on the vast oceans. Of course, we’re not telling you to dive straight into shark-infested water or come challenge the Bermuda triangle; just sailing off the coast or going for some fishing would be more than enough. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing it is to stay on a boat and have a personal view of the sunset with cold drinks and good food right in front of you. Plus, if you’ve been looking a tad bit pale these past few days, nothing’s better than working on your tan this summertime.

#3 Embrace The Countryside Lifestyle

Last but not least, if the wilderness and seas don’t encourage you to move out of bed, then our last recommendation would have to be embracing the countryside lifestyle. A classic road trip will have you speechless at breathtaking views you’ve forgotten due to the global pandemic, and it will remind you just how beautiful the vast landscape and expanse can get when it isn’t limited to a screen. And if you have the slightest makings of a cowboy that’s yet to wake up, you might just come out of this road trip with full get-up and a matching custom-made rodeo belt as keepsakes.

Of Course, You Don’t Have To Force Yourself.


Likewise, if none of these activities interest you or even have the slightest chance of breaking the ice for you to embrace the outside again, then don’t feel too bad about it because you don’t have to force yourself. Just as we’ve said before, you can still have fun inside, and whether barring outside activities is due to personal circumstances or being unable to get the vaccine, don’t let it get to your head.

  • Invite Some Friends Over For A Party: Nothing beats having some friends over for a party, and now that health restrictions are easing, it’s more than possible to invite a couple over for some drinks on the weekend. Sure, you wouldn’t be out on a boat or going on a road trip, but catching up on everyone and knowing what everyone’s been up to is plenty to strum on anyone’s heartstrings.
  • Learn And Impress Peers With A New Skill: If you’re more of the self-improvement type and still have some fire left in you, then why not learn a new skill you can impress your friends with the next you meet. Yes, this method of having fun will take some time, but it will keep you busy and at least moving more than usual. From a landscaping project to testing your green thumb, there’s plenty to choose from if you know where to look.

Nevertheless, Don’t Anchor Yourself Forever

Overall, we just want to hammer down the fact that anchoring yourself to the four walls of your home is just never a good idea. So, take these recommended outdoor activities to heart and slowly work your way up to them. And when you finally take that leap of faith, we promise you there’s so much fun waiting for you on the other side.

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